Thursday, October 11, 2007

First Cold Day

The mornings are finally beginning to get cold. Today was the first day that it was cold enough for Tristan to wear his very first set of winter gear. Here he is sporting some sort of animal hoodie that none of us can identify. Julius says it makes him look like a baby rhinoceros only soft and cuddly.


Tati said...

At what temperature, exactly, does one wear a full suit of wool armour - yet no shoes?

Wendy said...

Well, since I hate shoes myself it's hard to put shoes on him, even when it's cold. We actually HAVE shoes for him, but no socks that fit him yet. I bought him some socks that are supposedly, according to the label, for 3-5 year olds. The label LIES. They don't fit him because his ankles are too fat. He has CANKLES! Anyway, so for now it's the mukluks and if you've not seen that post, go to the "Shoe Dunnit" post from a few days ago to see a picture. Poor sockless little fellow!