Monday, April 13, 2009

Waiting for a Man

It sounds like I am at the hardware store for a pick-up, huh?

Not today anyway. The man I am waiting for is Rob. I figure if I'm sitting here bored then I will make a boring blog post for you, like a viral sickness that I pass on where the symptoms may include boredom, apathy, bitterness and possibly stomach growling.

That last one could just be because it's lunch time and my husband made me detour. Darn him.


Tati said...

Eric used to get SO angry when Alison would corral him into doing errands with her, and then take a detour. He called them "unscheduled stops" and he would make her promise, before agreeing to go with her, that there would be NO unscheduled stops. I think that started when he was about 12, and she had just gotten her driver's license ... lol.

Wendy said...

Last time I was with him a house caught on fire and he had to go to that! It's not safe to go anywhere with him.