Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Morning Adventures

I'm starting a new non-picture feature here. After detailing the madness of yesterday and after this morning's experiences I thought it might be enlightening to document further "incidents" here, like "fieldnotes" I guess. Sort of like this:

5:00 AM
Tristan wakes me up. I get him set up to watch a movie and try to snooze for another little while so I can feel more like a human being instead of Swamp Thing.

5:30 AM
Tristan removes all covers from the bed. Time to get up! I find expensive gold jewelry in my bed. Nice technique, Tristan. Put jewelry back in nightstand.

6:00 AM
Shower, leaving Tristan unattended. Get out of shower to find all the couch cushions off the couch and Tristan standing in front of the TV with a blue magic marker. I ask if he is drawing on the TV and he says, "here!" and takes me to the kitchen where he has made a lovely floor painting on the linoleum.

6:35 AM
We're finally finished scrubbing the painting off the floor.

6:40 AM
I notice the nightstand drawer open. Jewelry is gone. I asked Tristan, "Did you take mommy's bracelet?" He answers, "Yes." The next obvious question which I am sure he will NOT answer is, "What did you do with mommy's bracelet, Tristan?" His predictable response is, "Here!" (which I can assure you is NEVER accurate) and then he points behind the still-disheveled couch.

6:50 AM
I finally find the flashlight and look behind the couch. There's a glimmer of gold back there. Sure enough he was right this time. Mommy's expensive bracelet that Daddy bought her when they were dating is behind the couch. WAY BEHIND the couch.

6:51 AM
I give up and decide to blog instead of facing reality.


Neen said...

*LOL* Having raised two boys I'm completely sure that it was during those years that I lost my sanity...but gained a very skewed sense of humor!

Wendy said...

Well, that's a bonus at least! :)