Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tristan Adventure #432

As promised, I would mention when Tristan is having one of his episodes of mania. There was another one today while I was trying to get ready for the Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet. It kept me so busy that I didn't even get to change my clothes and had to go wearing jeans and a crummy work shirt. Argh.

5:40PM.... Tristan finds roll of dental floss and goes racing through the house with it -- winding it around and around all the furniture. It took two of us to get the floss away from him. Really. Two grownups three times his size. Maybe four times. The point is... we're big, he's little, and he still kicks our asses.

5:42PM.... Tristan uses Mommy's body spray as breath freshener. Wow, did he hate that. Dad tries to teach him to swish and spit. He doesn't get it.

5:43PM.... Mom is out the door to the Chamber banquet to leave Dad to do the hard part. Poor Daddy.

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