Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gone Again

We stopped in at the office to check our messages and this what I found when I went looking to see where Julius had gone.

Poor guy is as white as a sheet. I'll be glad when his blood pressure goes back up!


Tati said...

Poor little guy! This breaks my heart!

Linn said...

Poor guy. I'm glad things went well today. Hope he's up and at 'em tomorrow, back to normal.

Neen said...

Aww, lil' 'ol heart followed y'all.

Shannon said...

Oh, sweet boy. Such a trooper. What about those big feet??? He's growing up too fast!

Michelle Johnson said...

Julius I'm glad your operation went well. I had you on my mind yesterday and today. I thought I'd stop by to see how things went. Hope your blood pressure is back to normal so you can feel tip top, play and feel normal again. The drugs they use at the hospital always make you feel goopy, don't they? Hang in there.

Hello Wendy and family. Glad things went well. Hope that new cancer drug helps Julius.