Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Shopping Results 8/9

I know I do well every week on the grocery shopping, but I've not really been keeping a running total or anything. I thought it might be nice to see how we do over the long term on these trips.

Today's results are:

STAPLES was my big score! I got a Casio labelmaker, an electric pencil sharpener, two reams of paper, 12 spiral notebooks and a package of dry erase markers for... $3.24! (After a rebate of $37 which I submitted online as an "easy rebate" with the Staples web site. Awesome process.)

KROGER: $169.55 worth of groceries, out-of-pocket cost is $71.04! (That's a savings of $98.51)

WALGREENS: $145.54 worth of product, out-of-pocket cost is $40.64! (Total savings of $104.90!)

I got some stuff from Office Depot too but I can't find my receipt! I got a free backpack and some free crayons and some other really cheap stuff. I'll update this post when I track that down.

If you want to know more about how I get these fabulous savings, just email me!

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