Thursday, February 26, 2009


Tristan practices sliding in to home base. What an athlete!


Tatiana said...

Did he actually slide? Or just lie down and LOOK like he was sliding? Either way, he's darn cute!

Wendy said...

He actually was sliding. There was a big strip of sand in front of the dugout. I'm not sure why, maybe it really WAS for practicing?? Anyway, he'd run the length of the sand and right before he got to the dugout, he'd fling himself down on the ground and slide. It was hilarious. He looked just like a pro. And when he hit the ground he'd grunt, "Ungh!" as if it were a big hardship.

But of course he kept doing it OVER and OVER and OVER. In fact, when I told him we had to go he had a total screamfest and kicked his legs and nearly knocked me unconscious. I am too old for this.

♥ Kathy said...

awww ok I was going to say he looks just like major league baseball players sliding into home but then I read you comment and all I know now is awwww