Saturday, March 28, 2009


Things that make me want to squeeze my kids until they POP!

1) Julius, while watching the news with us, says, "I finally understand why you like watching the news so much. This is really good stuff."

2) Tristan laying his face against my face and saying, "Mommy!"

3) Tristan hugging me in the funny little way that he hugs me.

4) Julius and his silly magic tricks that aren't magic.

5) Long conversations with Julius.

6) Tristan's hysterical laugh when he gets tickled.

7) How brave Julius is when it's time for another surgery.

8) Tristan saying, "ha ha, get me" and not having a clue what it means.

9) Tristan pointing to a cloud and calling out its shape.

10) Julius learning to read and the adorable pictures he draws.

I'll stop at ten or I'll go on forever!


Ginny said...

that's really sweet. I remember having conversations with William when he was really young (5-10) that I thought were amazingly interesting to have with a kid

Tatiana said...

That reminded me of when my kids were little and would put on "plays" for me. There was no script and little plot, but I loved them!

♥ Kathy said...

aww they're so sweet ♥