Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still No Pictures

Yeah, well you'd think being moderately skilled with technology I would have fixed the problem with this blog, but haven't.

In the meantime, here is yet another tap-dancing interlude to keep you amused (or possibly sickened) while I'm frantically working behind the scenes. That noise you hear is me banging my phone down onto the tabletop repeatedly.

* * *

Tristan: (pulling the cord out of my laptop)
Me: Tristan, put that back.
Julius: No, don't do it!
Tristan: (looking between the two of us trying to decide who to listen to)
Me: Tristan, plug the cord back into Mommy's computer.
Julius: No, really, don't. Don't do it! Listen to me!
Tristan: (he looks convinced by Julius and begins to set the cord down on the floor)
Me: Who can spank you?
Tristan: (plugs the cord in)
Julius: Oh, man!
Me: (looking at Julius) Mommy wins. Again.



♥ Kathy said...

hahahahaha YAY MOMMY!

Anonymous said...

Mommy should always win.

I like that rule.