Saturday, March 7, 2009

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program

We're having some technical difficulties over here. Sometime between March 2nd and now my phone will no longer post to the blog. It's gone completely on strike. Or it might be Blogger since I can send messages to other places and not the blog. Regular readers know I post to this blog almost exclusively to this blog via phone.

So, bear with me. The family has not gone on hiatus or to the jungle where there are no cell towers. Nor something worse and far more sinister. And also we don't have chicken pox or any other contagion. Nor did we eat trunk tamales and die.

Nor did tiny little people come to carry us off to see Gulliver. We also did not sign up for any experimental NASA Family space programs in which we'd be shot into the vacuum of space at high speeds. (Because, honestly in that scenario it would not be the vacuum of space that would kill us... it would be space madness.) I also, despite unconfirmed reports, have not lost my sense of humor.

Speaking of space madness, you can enjoy this in the meantime. It's one of my favorite cartoon episodes. The clip is long, but guarantees you will fully integrate the term "space madness" into your vocabulary as I have.


Neen said...

I had read your comment on the side about this site probably holding very little interest for anyone but your family and friends. I look everyday! Your boys make me laugh and I really do love seeing what they're up to. Kids are usually the most interesting people at any get together!

♥ Kathy said...

Thinks I missed a lot by not watchin Ren & Stimpy.. and this explains a lot about you LOL

Wendy said...

Neen, I wasn't sure if that comment would flip anyone out. It certainly wasn't meant to be unfriendly. However, I had a couple of people mention that the really like my other blogs better and I was thinking what a strange thing that was to say since this blog wasn't really meant to be that interesting or entertaining. It's just sort of an accident that it turns out that way.

So, I just stuck that up to take the pressure off myself. It's my way of saying, "It might be good, but it also might not be... so set the bar LOW, people!" LOL.

I'm like you... I also like checking in on other people's families. Some people think that's boring, but I don't. If it were so boring people wouldn't get all sucked into reality shows. I don't know what it is, but it's fascinating sometimes.

Kathy, yeah, I think it probably does explain a lot. Hee hee.