Monday, November 3, 2008

En Garde!

Back when I had my first child I used to go berzerk if anyone picked up a stick and started waving it around. Before I could stop myself I'd hear myself yelling about how you can put your eye out with those things.

Boy have times changed with a second kid. Here they are fighting with their makeshift swords. This morning I turned around to look at Tristan in the back seat and he was sucking on a huge piece of gravel from the driveway. He'd been hiding it in a little cubby of the car seat. Last night he was eating Burt's Bees powder and thought it was just hilarious. He also likes to drink bathtub water (which I try to tell him is "dirty bottom water" so he won't like it which just makes him laugh).

Why do boys like to do gross and dangerous things?

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