Monday, November 24, 2008

Hiding from Mommy

The boys were hiding from me this morning behind the curtains in the bedroom.. I could hear Julius whispering, "Tristan be quiet so we can trick Mommy!"

Little do they know the trick will be on them when I show their girlfriends this blog!


Tati said...

That's one of the funniest - and cutest - things I've seen in a long time!

Relyn said...

They remind me of my cat. She thinks I can't see her if she can't see me. I get a devilish glee in sneaking up and tweaking her tail sticking out from under the bed.

Just wanted to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wendy said...

Thanks, Relyn. Same to you and yours. We're rolling around in a post-lunch daze. And we didn't even celebrate Thanksgiving today. We're having our big shindig tomorrow.