Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stink Mask

When going to the bathroom, it's always a good idea to wear a mask for your personal protection.


Shannon said...

Tristan is using the big boy potty???? How did you do it??? Selah refuses!

Relyn said...

This is hilarious. And, boy, did I need the laugh. Happy almost-Monday. Have a terrific week.

Wendy said...

Shan, don't get too excited... he's actually not using the potty. He doesn't like to wear his diaper but the only place he is allowed to go without it is either on the big potty or on his little potty. He doesn't actually USE them, though. Boy do I wish he would.

Have you tried M&Ms? It's a great motivator.

I really, really am anxious for him to get out of the diapers (for more than the obvious reasons) -- he continues to have eczema issues and I really think it's something in the diaper. I'm hoping it will go away once he's out. We're combating it pretty well with our regimen from the doctor but it's still there a little. (We call it "Spa Day" and when he gets out of the tub he yells, "Dah Day! Dah Day!" and lays down and let's us slather him with medicine and Vasoline. He's gonna grow up to be a hedonist! Oh, but aren't we all, really?)

Wendy said...

Relyn, thanks. :) Any time you need a laugh or pick-me-up, you just tell me. I will fix you up and if I can't do it I'll find someone who can! Hang in there, girl. You have big and beautiful things to do in your life!

tangobaby said...

Okay, this is pretty hilarious. Obviously I need to jazz up my bathroom habits.

Hey Relyn! Look, here you are too!


Wendy said...

The stink mask is the latest in chic bathwear. All the in-crowd wears them!