Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crazy Scissor Lady

There is a crazy scissor lady in the waiting room with me. She keeps moving around trash cans and clipping things out with her scissors. I walked around and looked in the trash cans to see how busy she's been. Very busy. She cuts very slowly and methodically.

The nurse took my mom somewhere and won't give her back. She's a tiny little Asian woman. I bet I could take her unless she is secretly a ninja. In that case I'd have to get Crazy Scissor Lady's help.


Neen said...

I carry scissors in my car and walk around muttering with them as I clip plants, weeds, leaves and flowers from roadsides and parks...maybe an office building or two. Now I'm wondering if my picture is on someone's Blog *LOL*

Wendy said...

LOL. I hope that's not you in the picture, but I think you're a tiny little blonde lady. :)

Tati said...

This post made me laugh out loud! "unless she's a ninja" and then you'd "need Crazy Scissor Lady's help". I wish we lived closer - you'd be so much fun to hang around with!

Ginny said...

You can take her! I feel certain.

Why is crazy scissor lady scissoring?

Wendy said...

I have no idea. At first I thought she was cutting pictures out of magazines in the lobby. (I hate when people do that.) But I think she actually brought the pages with her and it looked like they were pictures of flowers.

The fact that she was doing that in itself is not that weird, I guess, but she just had this "crazy" vibe going on about her, something that wasn't quite right.