Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hare Tristan

After a pee incident and me 40 miles from home I managed to find one dry underwear and a shirt belonging to Julius and now my kid looks like a hare krishna. Or maybe a buddhist.

Darn me for not being better prepared. You'd think I was a beginner. No, just an idiot.


Neen said...


Neen said...

I made everyone who came over yesterday look at this picture. Just wanted to compound your shame *LOL* Krishna hare krishna!
Sorry, I don't know WHY this puts me in hysterical laughter...

Wendy said...

LOL. oh, you know... I'm used to compounded shame. It's okay.

It cracks me up, too. The whole time we were in the park I had that chanting in my head. I was certain everyone was judging me, but any normal halfway compassionate mom is bound to have "been there done that". And those that judge... who needs 'em anyway, right?

Neen said...

Shoot, I even feel like the SQUIRRELS who peek in my patio door everyday are judging me!
Yesterday my "co grandma" met me to drop off my granddaughter. Got all the way up here and my son asked,"Is her bag in the back?" "BAG??"
Two grandmas and neither one of us remembered her clothes. She's now asleep with one of my t-shirts safety pinned on *L*